Real Authority – True Motion EP (Chapter One Records)

Once upon a time, Real Authority would have been a Crossover band and my generation would have spent endless hours skating, and slamming, along with the band and their groove laden metal core. Neither a Hardcore nor a metal band, Real Authority lie somewhere between both, and as such fulfil all the criteria to be a crossover band, and tick all the boxes on the formerly mentioned genre’s check sheet.

While they don’t exactly put their foot down and they’re far from the fastest band you’ll ever hear, Real Authority rely on sheer power and heaviness to ram the five tracks on True Motion home. Sounding like an uneasy union of Downset and Gama Bomb, I’ll bet you a pint and a pie that Real Authority are devastating live and given this blistering, initial offering, I’m also willing to wager that their debut album is going to be something really special.  The kids are alright… Tim Cundle

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