Toe To Toe – Rise Up (Golden Robot)

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Even though it’s a been a while since I’ve spent any time listening to Toe To Toe and it’s been  decade or so a new record from these chaps has found its way into my hands, I was fairly confident before the digital needle dropped on Rise Up that it would score pretty highly on the core-o-meter. And I was right. Sticking firmly to the idea that if something isn’t broken there’s no need to fix, or fuck around with, it, Toe to Toe get straight down to business and serve up a record chock full of SOIA meets Ensign via the land down under style Hardcore that plants it’s foot on the accelerator from the opening chords of Monolith and doesn’t shift it until the final chorus of Sydney has faded into the hum of the background noise. Infectious, hard as a vicar on Viagra and catchier than the flu in a Doctor’s waiting room, Rise Up is my kind of Hardcore record. Get your pointing fingers ready, it’s sing-a-long time…  Tim Cundle

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