Lionheart – Welcome to the West Coast II (Fast Break!)

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I must have been hiding under a rock or living in the scene equivalent of an off grid, cabin in the woods because this is the first time that I’ve crossed paths with Californian bruisers Lionheart.  Apparently these cats have been doing their thing for a while which means that I’ve been missing out big time. Hitting like a steroid bloated fusion of Strife and early Downset , Lionheart are a heavyweight metal-core riff machine fuelled by fury and anger, and while I’m a little too long in the tooth to fully appreciate and completely get the rage that infests their tunes, I can’t help wanting to sing-a-long and bust out my best old man dance moves to Welcome to the West Coast II.  Roll out the HC carpet and fire up the pit, Lionheart are here… Tim Cundle


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