Tied Down – S/T 7″ (Refuse/ Sakari Empire)

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¬†Short and sweet is rarely applicable when it comes to hardcore songs. Generally the short fast ones are obnoxious blasts of “noise not music”. Hello Tied Down! This debut EP from UK band Tied Down is short, fast, ugly and proud. A blast back to the sounds of SSD, early Agnostic Front or Impact Unit, but with UK touches in there – think Ripcord or early Voorhees. Therefore you won’t be surprised to read that Tied Down feature two members of the original Voorhees line-up, alongside vocalist Lins (formerly of Break It Up fame) and bassist Max (also playing in Bastard Face amongst others).

As those influences might suggest, you have a blend of fast hardcore with some mid-paced construction boot stompers thrown into the mix – in fact I bet you can’t listening to EP closer Divide & Conquer without a snarl unfurling across your ugly chops. I was going to say this is completely free of any frills, guitar solos and the like, but opening tune Don’t Care does actually feature a ten second intro riff, so there you go. A gorgeous racket. Tom Chapman

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