They Live/We Sleep – Sorrowful World E.P (Trepanation Recordings)

Swansea’s new kings of heavy return with four tracks of punishing blackened hardcore.

If you’ve been knocking around the darkest covens of the South Wales music scene over the past few years, then there’s a good chance that you’ve had your head turned by the powerful new noise emitting from Swansea collective They Live/We Sleep. Described by the band themselves as “a project used to vent some aggression and energy, that would otherwise be turned inwards” you’d hate to meet these guys if they didn’t have this artistic outlet. They Live/We Sleep play beautifully brutal blackened hardcore in the vein of Converge or Nails, with a powerful live presence to back it up. Having found a home at Trepanation Recordings, the guys have chosen to unleash the Sorrowful World E.P on an unsuspecting world and it sees the band in devastating form.

What we have here is four tracks of bowel loosening riffage and pummelling drums complete with guttural vocals that can compete with anything the scene has to offer right now.
Endless Waltz kicks things off and pretty much sums up what to expect as a dirty D-Beat backed riff, melts down into a mind numbing groove while Doom Scrollers takes on a more discordant direction, whilst retaining it’s heaviness. It’s on to blast beat city as the awesome Hellspeak batters in, before the title track finishes things off with a more tortured doomy approach which slowly transcends into black metal territory. It’s dark, it’s heavy and it should be in the stocking of every blackened soul, come December 25th.
My only criticism is there just isn’t enough of it, so while we await the bands next move, grab a copy of Sorrowful World E.P now….Chris Andrews

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