The Young Ones – Our Nose In Their Business 7\” (Contra)


When this Dutch oi! band started off they were a bunch of kids, young enough to make Grade Two look like old timers. A decade and then some the lads are back – grown up but older and wiser – with a record sleeve showing a skinhead s(h)itting on the toilet, flicking the v\’s, I\’m not so sure about the wiser bit. Musically though this is absolutely no joke as The Young Ones serve up four red hot antidotes to the boring mainstream. Each track acts fires its way straight into the bloodstream with bouncing verses and catchy choruses designed for maximum singalong. The influences are clear – the early sounds of the Rejects or The Strike can be heard, but The Young Ones sit nicely alongside the modern short cropped hordes such as the aforementioned Grade Two, Lions Law, Gimp Fist and the rest, taking those classic sounds and bringing them bang up to date. Your average Oi Oi music is not designed for massive experimentation or pushing of boundaries, but The Young Ones keep the sound vibrant and relevant, and this great EP is well worth your time. Tom Chapman


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