The X-Ray Eyes – Destiny is Depressed (Self Released)

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It’s album number three for Leeds based punk rock ‘n’ rollers The X-Ray Eyes, and as you’d expect with a Cyanide Pill in their ranks, there’s no sign of slowing down following 2016’s See Through You. If fizzy garage punk is your tipple of choice, then pour yourself a large glass of the good stuff. Now, let’s not beat around the bush, here. Straight at the top of the page let’s get one thing straight. With Destiny is Depressed, The X-Ray Eyes have delivered an album par excellence.

It’s all low-slung guitars and even lower standards as Track 1 (yes, that is the title) comes hurtling out of the blocks in a fashion last seen by The D4. If you miss those New Zealanders, then The X-Ray Eyes have all garage rock bases covered. “I don’t care for religion but I still have faith” cries Sy Pinkeye on Hallelujah. It sure is righteous stuff.

It could be argued that The X-Ray Eyes play to their influences and there’s nothing wrong with that. E.V.I.L. reworks the riff from The Hellacopters’ (Gotta Get Some Action) Now! and I Think I’m Ready Now has shades of The Hives. Basically, tinges of all the best Sweden has to offer lies within and Randy lead the inspirational pack. As the album progresses, other influences come in to play. I’m Not Buying It! has a cool new wave vibe whilst Keep On Fighting boasts a great bass workout and stomps along like all the good parts of The Living End.

By the time we reach Tried and Tested, things have come full circle with full-throttled Gretsch White Falcon exertion and more Jimmy Christmas-esque vocals. Throughout the full 11 tracks it’s one hell of a wild, mind wrangling ride that leaves the listener sweating more than Prince Andrew. Many a superlative could be thrown at Destiny is Depressed. For me, The X-Ray Eyes’ future looks rapturous as they’re a band on top form. Treat your ears as this album is on par with any punk rock album you’ll hear this year. Killer. Ginge Knievil

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