The Small Packages Get Ready To Rumble…

(The below needs to be read in the style of the Road Dogg)

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all non-conforming genders. Mass Movement proudly presents to you…Hailing from Parts Unknown, but now residing in South Wales. The Second Best Pro Wrestling Theme Tune Tribute Band in the WOOOOOOORRRRRRLLLLLDDDD! The Small Packages!”

2014-2019 was a magical time for the UK wrestling scene with so many UK promotions getting over with fans. Talent from across the globe was eager to come and mix it up with the locals and we were (and still are) very spoilt!! This song is the Small Packages love letter to that special time and is dedicated to Attack! Pro but the talent named in this song is also special for Fight Club Pro, Progress, Rev Pro, NXT UK and Rip Tide to name a few.

The Small Packages only exist because of Attack! Pro Wrestling. Michael, BT, and Mark all met at Attack! shows. Mark knew Toby through a previous band who also fell in love with the local wrestling scene. 

Last year, during a band practice, they joked about changing the names of famous songs to make them more appealing to our wrestling theme, such as doing a version of Bad Guy by Billie Eilish but it would be about Razor Ramon instead and included their best Scott Hall impersonations. One of the other ideas was a parody of Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones to be named “Bingo Hall Bop” after Attack! Pro’s home at The Bingo Hall, Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff, which brings us up to date…

Hang out the Small Packages here and get down and dirty with them here

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