The Ramonas – First World Problems (DIY)

Way back in 2004 an idea began to form. An idea that would push four women to the absolute limits of warp-speed drumming and chainsaw guitar sounds. This eventually formed into the UK’s premiere all-female Ramones tribute band, The Ramonas. Judging by the flyers (I’m on the wrong side of the ocean to actually go to their shows) these young women have played enough shows to have a shot at rivaling any worldwide touring band. Coupling their love of our beloved Ramones with a need to create music of their own they have now given us their full-length debut album First World Problems. While the natural assumption is that they would write songs that would fit on any album by our favorite bruddas from Queens they actually branched out and wrote a disc of punk songs that draw from many influences. The result: catchy punk rock that punches you in the gut while making you feel good about yourself and, just maybe, the world around you. With song titles like (fuck you) and The Daily Fail you know you’re in for a bunch of middle-finger-in-the-air fun. Jim Dodge

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