Lords of Acid –Pretty in Kink (Metropolis)

It has only been two years since Lords of Acid released their last album, 2016’s Smoking Hot but when you love a group’s work every day can be an eternity. Add to that the Kickstarter campaign many fans donated to, in order to get a new album and various types of swag… then it took more than a year to get the album finished and released. To say some people were disappointed and dismayed by the delay would be a slight understatement. Of course, this changed quickly to unbound happiness when those same folks found their copies of Pretty in Kink in their mail boxes, for good reason. Once again the Lords have bestowed upon us some of the sexiest, raunchiest and catchiest dance music the world has ever heard. Starting with Break Me and ending with We Are the Freaks, these jams are juicy, sticky tracks that are bound to be looked over for any high school dance yet most of the kids will probably be familiar with them via their copy of Pretty in Kink which they have cleverly hidden from their prudish parents. Those of us over eighteen years of age can proudly blast this beast all day long, though probably not  when Grandma and Grandpa stop by for a visit. Damn it, now I want to have sweet, nasty sex with my middle-aged wife. Jim Dodge

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