The Raid #2 – Ollie Masters & Budi Setiawan (Titan Comics)

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\"\"Bursting in, wielding hammers, baseball bats, and great big fuck-off knives, issue 2 of The Raid is here, and things have really started to heat up.

Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man are their predictably creepy selves, eating Oreos on the couch after washing a victim’s brains off their weapons in the sink, and receiving a phone call to presumably pop over and do it to someone else when they’re done watching a dead man’s television.

In an attempt to mark his territory out, Bejo steps on a few toes he didn’t ought to, and gets a very expensive warning not to do it again.

Over in Jakarta Prison, Rama hatches a plan to keep Teja out of trouble by announcing himself as his own person security guard. How, you might ask? Well by battering everyone in the prison yard until they understand the new arrangement, of course.

If you loved Budi Setiawan’s blood-soaked page slashing violence from the first issue, you’ll be happy to hear there’s plenty of the same here, look-away gore punctuated by miserable concrete prison, all ending with a promise of even more come in the next issue.  Sophie Francois

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