The Oppressed  – Complete Oi! Studio Recordings 1981-2018 CD (Captain Oi Records)

Captain Oi – with these boxsets you are really spoiling us. 4 CD collection that covers everything the Cardiff SHARP Crew have recorded, from their earliest 1981 Demo through to their most recent appearance on the ‘FCK FSCSM (This is Anti Fascist Oi!)’ international compilation. 

It’s nice to have all this stuff in one place and there’s some real gems on here for the collectors/completists including ‘Oi The Cassette’ – a cassette only (clues in the name eh?) release in collaboration with Cardiff’s most famous record store, Spillers as well as the bands 7” singles, EPs, compilation appearances and 3 full length albums. 

As usual with these Captain Oi box set releases there’s a decent little booklet containing information about all the releases, band line ups and photos of the band. Essential. Ian Pickens

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