The Nasties – Discipline

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The Nasties – Discipline CD (Sudden Death)
I\’m gonna go ahead and judge a book by its cover here. So, we have a record sleeve that is reminiscent of the New Bomb Turks or the Turbo AC\’s, a band photo where you can spot merch from the likes of Turbonegro, SNFU, AC/DC and The Clash, and it\’s released on D.O.A.\’s Sudden Death records. New school it ain\’t gonna be! And guess what, that\’s 100% correct, as this Guelph Ontario five piece take you on a musical punk rock ride with no surprises but all the thrills of a turbo-fuelled punk rocket. I did have to laugh as I was very briefly reminded of the likes of Uniform Choice on the opening song as they rip through some hardcore-tinged punk rock, but with songs like Negativity, Piece Of Shit and Empty Revenge, these dudes aren\’ t exactly disciples of the posi way of life. If you like your punk served up straight and no chaser (although chances are these boys will insist you drink not only a shot but the whole damn bottle) then do yourselves a favour and check this out. Tom Chapman

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