The Last Gang – Noise Noise Noise (Fat Wreck)

Just when you thought the punk meets reggae seam had been tapped and mined to exhaustion, Fat Wreck have identified another source of the goodness with The Last Gang. Okay, this isn\’t quite a new band, but they are new to these ears so it\’s always a journey of discovery for somebody somewhere. It is quite the glorious fusion – taking elements of classic UK punk, throwing in a healthy dose of American style pop-punk and introducing some laid-back reggae rhythms.

The album kicks off in that chilled vein with the title song – a deep and heavy reggae punk fusion song. It is also an introduction to the fabulous voice of Brenna Red. She cranks out some superb vocals all the way through the album, and honestly she has the best voice I have heard in the genre since the Tilt or Deadline. Clever vocal melodies and harmonies which can be sugar sweet whilst injecting the right amount of spit and venom.

Often with albums like these you have a ska song, then a punk tune, then a reggae number and so on. The Last Gang are different, they are quite happy to start a song with a heavy punk vibe before dropping another style halfway through, and it works beautifully. This is an album I\’m happy to listen to time and time again. Tom Chapman

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