Antidote – Scarred 7” (United Worldwide)

NYHC legends Antidote are back with a vengeance, to borrow a phrase from Tommy Rat… Just think, their debut 7” was recorded in 1983 and now over 35 years later, they are still raging. We all know that New York Hard Core is a big selling point, and it can be the easy option for many bands and their big reunions, but Antidote make something of a statement on this EP that separates them from the nostalgia circus.

Living in The Past is a shot to the bands that are simply resting on their laurels – “what the fuck have you done lately?”. Well Antidote have cooked up a great fresh batch of new tunes that is true to their original sound – perhaps with a nod to fellow NYHC hardcore punks Cause For Alarm – but with a crisp contemporary sound. Four new songs with thick crunching guitars courtesy of Mr Tom Capone – what’s not to love? Tom Chapman

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