The Jasons – Get Sued (DIY)

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The Jasons are a bunch of disgusting mongoloids. Their music is inappropriate and gross. Of course you know that means I love it. On their latest release, Get Sued, this crazy bunch of mask-wearing psychos steps out into the legal limelight by playing Ramones songs but with Misfits vocals and lyrics. While this may seem sacreligious to many, I found it to be a wonderful homage to both legendary bands. The love with which they have combined the music from the bruddas from Queens and Lodi’s prodigal sons really shines through every one of these tracks. That being said, The Jasons once claimed they wanted to be assholes (hey, fuck you) and I believe this is how they’re making good on that claim. Song titles include Blitzkried Fly, You’re Gonna Kill the Living Dead, and 138 Sniffs of Glue. If you don’t have fun while listening to Get Sued you are probably a tight-ass who doesn’t deserve to wear a hockey mask. Jim Dodge

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