The Interrupters – Fight the Good Fight (Hellcat Records)

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I’ve always been of the opinion that the reason Rancid rose to a positon of pre-eminence in the punk scene was primarily because And Out Come the Wolves defined the late nineties “underground” zeitgeist. With its rough and ready, yet at the same time extremely polished, insanely catchy fusion of ska and punk rock, it was the record that captured lightning in a bottle and a moment of glory that Rancid never quite managed to replicate, but one that they nonetheless managed to build on. The Interrupters however, now three albums into their career,  have managed to do what their mentors and primary influence never did; and that boys and girls is better their previous output. Like Rancid before them, the Interrupters play sun soaked ska-punk that touches your soul, squeezes your heart and infects every atom and cell in your being with their combination of hard hitting and emotive lyrics and astonishingly hook laden and instantly memorable tunes. Fight the Good Fight is their finest moment to date and hits with a well-aimed, devastating combination of punk rock jabs and ska uppercuts that’ll floor even the most Hardcore of scenesters and transform them into a true Interrupters believer. The pupils have become the masters, so gather round and hear The Interrupters roar because with Fight the Good Fight, the world is theirs for the taking…  Tim Cundle

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