The Hard Times Eviscerates Shitty Allies, Fake Male Feminists, and Outrage-Bait Publishing Blogs

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The Hard Times, a satire publication operated by members of the punk scene, has used its ever-sharpening satirical teeth to take bite out of shitty allies with their new video “Ally Weekly.”

The video takes place inside the office of Ally Weekly, the first publication for allies, by allies, and most importantly about allies. Ryan Long plays the creepy, talk-over-you kind of boss which should be recognizable to many. He leads a team of women who attempt to pitch their story ideas while allies interject to grandstand and espouse their idealistic behavior.

Ally Weekly is a departure for Hard Times, who — although they often take aim at youth culture — are rooted in the music scene. Written by Long and Hard Times founder Matt Saincome, the video represents the team experimenting and testing new ground with their already-large audience (Another video the site published, about bass players, received 5.5+ million views on Facebook).

The Hard Times, which was just featured in Forbes is like The Onion for people young enough to not remember when The Onion was a print publication. Or for old grouchy punk guys. It’s kind of hard to tell sometimes.


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