The Hangmen – True Hate Never Dies (Self-Release)

\"\"Phases come and go. In recent years, brothel creepers and rolled up t-shirt sleeves made it onto the shelves in TopMan. Fashionistas have faked the look and lacked the substance as they step out with a quiff for an X Factor audition. This must leave the real dealers up in arms. The Hangmen are the real dealers. Having plied their punk ‘n’ roll trade since the early 1990s, the forever angry threesome always have an opinion or two hundred whilst staying true to their roots. This isn’t fashion, this is a lifestyle.

New single True Hate Never Dies has all the hallmarks of great psychobilly mixed with that more intense punk edge. It’s stuff to make The Living End shit the bed. The thing with The Hangmen is that they’re not afraid to let in other influences or to throw a curveball into their dark world. That’s probably the (not so) secret recipe to their rough, raw and ready appeal. It’s easy enough to take the straight-up  Gretsch / double bass / snare and kick drum approach, but the trio like to go beyond that; harder, darker and faster, if you please.

The Hangmen don’t do compromises and their latest single is no exception, coming highly recommended to creeps, freaks and weirdos the world over. Enter with caution and then throw that caution to the wind. Ginge Knievil

Check out The Hangmen here

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