Jonesy – S/T (Dead Beat Records)

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Jonesy? No, not the resident Sex Pistols nut job or some early 70s prog rockers, but a kick-arse rock ‘n’ roll band coming out of Canada with their self-titled debut album stashed down the front of their skinny jeans. Jonesy are a band that owe as much to the Johnny Thunders songbook as they do to the poppier side of 1970s UK glam rock. Sprinkle a bit of Knack style power pop and we’re getting somewhere near the (skid) mark.

From the get-go with I Won’t Call You Back, there are cheeky Thunders riffs and licks propped up by good-time piano hits. It really is all the fun of the fair; like the Dead Boys overdosing on bubblegum. With tongue in cheek humour, Jonesy are what The Babysitters were to Hanoi Rocks. The lyrical case in point being Down to Fuck, All Fucked Up, Tit Fuck and Hard On. See what I mean? Jonesy won’t be heading to the Ivor Novello Awards any time soon!

Aside from a cheeky hand shandy around the back of B&M Bargains, lead single Messin’ Around is probably the most fun you can have in just under three minutes. It’s catchier than herpes down the docks and leaves more than a wet patch on your side of the bed.

Some will argue all this is a dumb affair, but that’s the bloody point. Rock ‘n’ roll hasn’t got to be all about seriousness and sultry looks. The point being reinforced as they leave you with a cover of I’m in Love with Joan Jett by Cranford Nix. All together in your best singing voices now… “she makes me wet.”

Jonesy are like an afternoon on the 2p machines down Barry Island. You know the odds are shit and your biggest prize will be a knock-off Trolls keyring, but you gamble your small change away anyway as you know you’ll leave with a smile on your chops. The band play on the lighter side of The D4, and in the words of those much missed New Zealanders, “get up, get out, get loose.” Ginge Knievil

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