The DeRellas – Soho Hotel (Rockaway Records)

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It’s all change once more in The DeRellas’ camp. Out goes Billy as he now keeps the drum stool warm for The Godfathers, and singer/guitarist Joe exits, also. It’s a real shame with regards to Joe. Like his previous guise in power pop masters The Breakdowns, he brought a certain style and swagger to The DeRellas’ rock ‘n’ roll ship and I’m sure he’ll be much missed. On the plus side, Twitter tells me a solo album is in the pipeline, so start saving your pennies now.

Back to the band in hand, it’s now bass abuser Timmy who takes up the mantle on the microphone, and do you know what? It works. Maybe this is the way things should’ve been right from the start. Who knows? With the brand new sleazy single Soho Hotel, it’s pretty much The DeRellas as we know and love them. There’s the trademark Johnny Thunders meets Steve Jones homage from mainstay Luca and the vocals now snarl and spit courtesy of founder Timmy.

The DeRellas are a band that refuses to die and their existence is a benefit to the glam punk and rock ‘n’ roll scene. I have it on good authority that they’ve been blowing Rebellion Festival away in previous years, so let’s see what 2020 holds for the new line-up, eh? Get that air bass low as you wait impatiently for the forthcoming long player. Pogo, pogo! Ginge Knievil

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