The Deadvikings – Libertatia (Savage Magic Records)

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Hot outta Japan come The Deadvikings with their twisted blend of garage rock on their brand spanking new album Libertatia. They’ve been at this game since 2007, but if the West wants to draw instant comparisons to their fellow countrymen in Guitar Wolf, the similarities probably end with the leather jackets (attitude aside).

This isn’t a straight-up, overly fast garage rock power chord approach as the six string fret work leans heavily towards The Hellacopters through various parts of their career. If album kickstarter Racing With The Devil wouldn’t sound amiss on Supershitty To The Max, then Midnight Express could easily fit on High Visibility.

Big riffage is the order of the day on Get Me Out as the looping guitar gets etched in your head. Born to Lose (no, not that one) has a foot in the 1980s glam camp, such is Ken’s vocal delivery; see also Heart on Fire. Variation is added as She’s Gonna Fall in Love with You and Stay show off The Deadvikings’ pop sensibilities. It’s a welcome relief, like easing your foot off the gas on your Hot Rod and setting things to cruise control to observe the scummy suburbs before hitting that highway hard again with the amphetamine powered Necrophilia.

Libertatia is a great album balancing hi-energy R ‘n’ R with more heartfelt passionate pleas. One part punk and one part hard rock; like The Stooges wrestling with The Datsuns. The Deadvikings aren’t shy of a bit of hard work either, taking in tours of Australia, China, France, Germany, Belgium and Italy. They once shared a split 7” with The Hip Priests. If they ever make it to the UK, then that would be a dream bill. Rev up your motorcycles and join The Deadvikings for both kinds of music – rock and roll. Ginge Knievil

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