Faz Waltz – Double Decker (Spaghetty Town Records / Contra Records / God’s Candy Records)

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Now, here’s one album I’ve more than been looking forward to in 2018. When Faz Waltz dropped their Julie 7” a few months ago, the prospect of a new full-length from Italy’s glam revivalists was enough to make my sideburn hairs stand on end.

With album number six, could Faz Waltz be pushing the pastiche and receive accusations of taking things too far with titles such as Come On and Squeeze Me? Not really, as they’re simply not Slade copycats. Yes, there’s still a hell of a lot of Holder and Lea in the mix, but then there’s equal parts pub rock and power pop. As well as Julie, there’s Oh Penny bolstered by familiar foot stomping on opener Shakin’ Like An Hooligan and later LP bouncer Jive Jive. Hey, if it ain’t broke and all that.

Sliding on your knees at the end of term school disco can be tiring stuff, so Faz Waltz give time for your flares to cool down as they get you in the mood for the slow dance at the end of the night. Sleepy Head is a 1970s scarf waver that lays somewhere between T. Rex and Mott the Hoople at their most subtle. Is This the Way? goes even further back to Bolan in Tyrannosaurs Rex with it’s folk stylings. It’s these cuts that add depth to the album in my opinion. Even Noddy had to go Far Far Away as he couldn’t Get Down and Get With It 24/7.

It’s back to your feet for Millionaire, which struts like a singalong in the shower with a medallion soap-on-a-rope proudly draped across your hairy chest. The tempo then drops at the final furlong with Under the Rainbow; a Beatles-esque piano ballad to end the show.

If Double Decker had a scratch and sniff option then it would reek of Hofmeister, Brut 33 and Gary’s nicotine stained knuckles after he’s clouted you for trying to chat up his missus down the Old King’s Head. One thing that stands out is Faz La Rocca’s continuing ability to pen a catchy pop ditty, regardless of which musical era the band decide to lean upon. The lads hit these UK shores soon. A lager top may be a tad more pricey these days but fun times are always guaranteed. Ginge Knievil

Check out Faz Waltz here

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