The Dahmers – Terror On Wheels


The Dahmers – Terror On Wheels EP (Lövely)
The cover artwork depicting a rider from hell and EP title are both good indicators of things to come. With these boys, the engines are revved up and roaring, just waiting for the moment go. With screeching wheels and burning rubber they launch into four tunes of turbo-fueled garage punk power on this EP. There is a lot going on, with wild guitars, samples and raucous vocals all served up with a lofi feel, but the production is crystal clear. In fact there is so much going on its almost overwhelming as guitar solos are piled one on top of the other, I think I can hear a piano in the mix there too. But after a couple of listens things start to fall into place and you can tell that this engine is gunning on all cylinders. It teeters close to crashing all the time, but somehow the rider keeps on rolling. One for fans of The Hives, Thin Lizzy, The Sonics, anything loud, proud and raw. Tom Chapman

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