Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden – Machtwort

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Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden – Machtwort LP/ CD (Let It Burn)
After their excellent EP I have been anticipating this debut full-length from German band TLUF, and the good news it not just lives up to expectations but smashes them into pieces. The key to this band, or collective as they would rather be known, is that it is all about the music and the message. The actual individuals are less important than the machine that powers TLUF. As if to prove that message, on the tune \”Nebel\” they have assembled a cast of thousands to provide the vocals, with almost 20 people from bands ranging from Rykers to Miozän to Zero Mentality, New Hate Rising….the list goes on! The album has a good mix of styles, from mid-paced NY style stompers, to more new school tunes enhanced with some anthemic guitar work. It is split nicely into two halves by \”Kreuz Herz Anker\”, an acoustic interlude with a sung message of hope. One thing I love about this band is that even when they are pounding your ears with the hardcore machine, the words leave you with something to think about. From Alpha through to Omega, TLUF have put together a spectacular album that is worth checking out. Tom Chapman

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