The Chodes – Demo (Self)

“Buy me a beer and I’ll suck your dick!” –Old Dirty Punk

The Chodes are a bunch of crazy, heavy drinking punk rockers with a desire to play some of the sleaziest rock and roll ever heard. Their live shows consist of beer (by the case), blood (involving a plastic bat covered in thumb tacks), and other insanities too many to list. Their line-up changes randomly from vocals/guitar/guitar/ bass/bass/drums to vocals/guitar/bass/bass/drums to whatever combination it takes to put on a live performance. It seems to be kind of a free-for-all where anybody who wants to jam had better jump on stage and get to it.

While there’s certainly a certain amount of chaos when dealing with The Chodes, their songs are full-fledged rockers written by uncompromising musicians. Fucked up, tasteless…sure, but not half-assed shit thrown out there just to spend time on stage. They even have a Chodes Anthem and, my favorite, Tuck and Roll, neither of which appear on this four track demo but will hopefully be on a full-length soon. Jim Dodge

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