The Big Teutonic 4 – Part II

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The Big Teutonic 4 – Part II VINYL (Nuclear Blast)
Now here is a bit of fun and nostalgia thrown in together. Four of Europe’s biggest old school thrashers covering a song from heavy metal royalty. Kreator kick things off with ‘Lambs To The Slaughter’ and although the screaming Kreator guitar tone is present, the vocals don’t have the harsh edge one may associate with Mille, instead tending to sound more like the original Raven version. Sodom crank out the Tank classic ‘Don’t Walk Away’ and it’s a real pleasant surprise to hear Tom Angelripper completing the vocals in a totally clear singing tone, very different from what you would be expecting from Sodom, still keeping a heavy undertow though. Destruction whip up a metal frenzy with a truly guttural version of Saxon’s ‘Princess Of The Night’ incorporating their own sounds and thrashing the living daylights out of it – the standout track of the EP no doubt what so ever. Booze fiends Tankard finish things up with the Iron Maiden self-titled classic. They do a great version musically, but sadly add an almost comical edge to the vocal pronunciation, but… is this intentional, knowing the band? With only 300 copies available in black, red, or yellow vinyl you had better get moving if you are to pick one up. Mark Freebase

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