Acid Witch – Midnight Movies

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Acid Witch – Midnight Movies 12” MLP (Hells Headbangers)
Will four exclusive cover songs from 80’s horror flix float your boat? Let’s see what you recognise as the retro garage sounds ooze from the speakers. First off we are treated to the completely metal pulsing, and suitably dated sounds, of ‘I’m Back’… truly spine chilling and fabulously fiendish, a great way to kick things off, whilst ‘After Midnight’ is a total must for a disc of this ilk. Given a fantastically guttural take on the original, it grinds its way from start to finish, still managing to capture the original melody of the tune. Would this ‘Midnight Movies’ 12” be complete without something from cult film Trick Or Treat? ‘Soldiers Of The Night’ sounds as if it is desperately escaping an evil enclosure – the real beauty of this EP is the old school feel the band have managed to keep with the overall mix. There is only one way to finish this experience; and with ‘Partytime’ the climax comes to an incredibly ghoulish end. The movie samples add a touch of authenticity to the soundings and with the EP cover looking like it belongs on the front of a movie case; things tie in very nicely here. Mark Freebase

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