The Bar Stool Preachers – Grazie Governo LP (Pirates Press)

Bar Stool Preachers have peddling their wares for a couple of years now, but it feels like2018 has been the year that they have upped their game, big style. This album actually came out a couple of month back, but this is still hot news. Firstly, vinyl fans should make the effort to get hold of this as the package is absolutely spectacular. My version came on coloured vinyl, with an additional cover, and no less than three flexi-discs included, not to mention the download code. Having said, the packaging is really the cherry on the cake, as the actual songs are what you want to get under your skin, lodge themselves in your brain, and put that grin on your face when the chorus hits the mark. Fortunately Bar Stool Preachers have got that magic ingredient that turns a good song great, by the bucketload. If it\’s poppy-punk you want, they got it. If it\’s a hearty dose of ska-punk you\’re after, step right up. Or if it\’s some old fashioned Clash-inspired punk rock you are desperately in need of, then look no further. There is a hefty slice of politics on this album – despite the upbeat tone of the music, the Bar Stool Preachers are no happy campers – and given the state of the world in this day and age it\’s no wonder. The Preachers are keen to point out the injustices of modern society as they put the tale of the downtrodden to a musical background. These barmen take their cocktail shaker, pile in some Slackers, some Clash, some Rancid and – yes- even a twist of Cock Sparrer, give it a shake and serve their goodness up in giant portions. Their sound is uplifting and it has certainly put a smile on my face. Tom Chapman

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