The Antinormals – One Hundred Thousand Shitty Days (Self)

Hearing a band that one of your friends recommended that you check out and thinking “Yup, Alex was right, these chaps really are something special” not only reaffirms your faith in your pals and how well they know you, it also, if you’re as old as dirt and clawed your way up through the scene in the eighties, catapults you straight back to a more civlised age in which, if you wanted to find music that sent shivers of fervered joy up and down your spine, you had to trade tapes with folks all over the world, crawl through the classifeds and reviews sections of Flipside and MRR and spend hours flipping through the genre specific sections of record shops.

And the raw electricity that flowed through your veins when you discovered the bands and music that made, and make your heart beat a little faster, nearly floors me every time I listen to The Antinormals . They wear their influences, namely The Business, Social Distortion, Loikamie, Motorhead and Cock Sparrer, on their sleeves, and the insanely catchy street punk this Greek trio cranks out never takes it’s foot off the loud pedal for a second, and hammers its way directly into the pleasure centre of your brain.

If these punk rock hooligans don’t make you want to sing along with them, and dance like there’s no tomorrow, then you’ve already got one foot in grave, because as a far more famous and much more good looking philisopher than me once said “If it’s too loud, you’re too old”. But that aging thing? That’s never going to be a problem if you crank One Hundred Thousand Shitty Days up to eleven though, because when the music is this good, you’ll never want to grow up… Tim Cundle

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  1. Top band, top blokes ! Highly Recommended !

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