The Answer – Raise A Little Hell


The Answer – Raise A Little Hell CD (Napalm)
I really wasn’t expecting this fifth album to be so brilliant. ‘Raise A Little Hell’ has made a great band even better, no two ways about that. The Northern Irish rockers have always delivered a solid set of tunes, some more prominent than others, and at this stage in their career you could be mislead to believe it will be “just another record” – how wrong you can be! Expanding their sound, making the rockier parts more rock, and the melodic sections more harmonious, well these boys have really worked on serving up a totally reinvigorated platter of seriously raw blues tinged heavy rock. Cormac’s vocals are a finely tuned engine of capabilities, which enhance the groove, and leave a pleasing roughness, which adds to the harder edge, denoted during stunning album opener ‘Long Live The Renegades’. The sound is clear, the space around the individual instruments, and the songs themselves show a band in top peak performance. ‘Gone To Long’ has the impending qualities to be the bands permanent anthem as Cormac wheedles his way through a potential dodgy apology, backed by some serious guitar work and a rooted groove. Catching these boys across the summer festival season is a serious must as the vibe The Answer carry is unquestionably fitting. Mark Freebase

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