the 501s – Rage 7\” Picture Disk (Self Released)


An unexpected and welcome new release from denim demons the 501s and it’s a bit of a stonker. Fizzing with a slightly more aggressive, dare I say punk sound than their previous releases Rage nevertheless retains the bands love of a good hook and a catchy uplifting chorus. There’s a nod to Feeder/Ash circa Buck Rogers’/’Shining Light which is no bad thing.

Definitely a track that will transfer well to the live environment and Dog knows I can’t wait to see that at some point in the hopefully not too distant future. B side offering High in Hollywood is an acoustic version of a track from the bands’ Hollywood’ EP. A more restrained and sombre affair to the A Side it highlights the introspective side of the 501s – and as per my last review of the band will definitely appeal to fans of Stereophonics. Great to see some fresh music coming out of this pandemic and to see 501s maintaining the standard they set on their previous releases.  Ian Pickens

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