Beef Bros. – Aubrey Sitterson, Fico Ossio, Taylor Esposito & Tyrell Cannon (KICKSTARTER REVIEW)


I planned to start this with “If 2020 has taught us anything”, but the list of things 2020 has brought isn’t so much rife with teachings, as it is just issues caused by crusty, racist old white men with loads of money that exist primarily to ruin it for everyone else, global pandemic or not. True, that’s a fairly broad generalisation, but if you don’t agree, chances are our visions do not align and you wouldn’t have made it to this review in the first place. I hope.

Anyway, what it’s PROVEN, is that when faced with practical roadblocks in industry, work, and creativity the world over, the PEOPLE will find a way to do it themselves. Some of those people are the creators of one of my favourite comics of last year, No One Left To Fight.

The NOLTF dream team Aubrey Sitterson, Fico Ossio, and Taylor Eposito have reunited alongside Tyrell Cannon (Eris) to bring us BEEF BROS. With the first 5 pages available on the Kickstarter page, we’re given a glimpse into the world of Ajax and Huey Beef, as they save a homeless man from harassment by the feds.

Bodies by Gold’s Gym, wardrobe by 90s WWF, hair straight out of Streets of Rage 2, and one-liners to spit with the best of them, the brothers flex not only their effervescent styles, but their rage in the face of injustice. Obviously the secondary flex is their pecs, in order to repel the bullets of the aforementioned trigger-happy law enforcement. That’s right – this is a different kind of Chest Day.

This comic is gonna be fun, in a time where there is little fun to be had. Brave, where the current stock of heroes is always working in tandem with our very persecutors. And underpinning it all, is the simplicity of aggressive humanity. From the first five pages, it’s more than obvious that the Beef Bros. speak for the folk with no voice, those with a more emotional lexicon, as opposed to one they paid for, and think entitles them to an advantage in a debate about the fate of our planet. And if for some reason that isn’t speaking to your noodle-armed ass, they also rage on behalf of those with absolutely no tickets to the gun show. Pledging to the Kickstarter will get us another twenty seven pages of Technicolor social justice from a MONSTER creative team. The world needs the Beef Bros. now more than ever, and only YOU can make it happen. Sophie Francois

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