Terror – Trapped In A World (Self-Release)

Whether we like it or not, the world has changed and the hard dancing, stage diving reality that we used to know and love is, for the foreseeable future at least, done and dusted. Adjusting to the new reality has taken some getting used to for everyone, and we’ve all found different ways to channel the collective frustration that has, at times, overwhelmed and submerged us. Terror found their outlet for, and way to release, it in a studio mid-way through the long, hot Summer of 2020.

Recorded live in that studio, Trapped In A World, is the sound of condensed anger, frustration and pent up energy, and a testament to the chaos that the year that never was left in its wake. This collection of re-recorded live favourites and pit anthems is Terror’s middle finger response to the hopes and dreams that were crushed and stamped on by political inaction and mass stupidity and selfishness. It’s a clarion call to the faithful to remind them that Terror are still here, and that one day we’ll get to share a stage with them again, slam and sing-a-long with Scott and the crew the way we used to. Here’s to the one day… Tim Cundle

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