Tempers Fray – 7:15


Tempers Fray – 7:15 MCD (Rucktion)
This London outfit is a new one to me, but the Rucktion label provides some indication of both quality and of the type of music on offer – beatdown hardcore with more than a pinch of metal injected into the mould. I\’m glad to say Tempers Fray don\’t let the side down on either count. The six songs on this EP are all tough and metallic, with just the amount of those slow knuckles-dragging-on-the-floor parts that are required to guarantee pit mayhem. There are some great galloping thrash parts on here, \”Blame\” fires on all cylinders, somehow reminding me of Stampin Ground, before slowing things right down to the chugga chugga part, this is one monster of a song. All in all the overall feeling is one of the modern London beatdown style mixed with 90\’s metal-hardcore that labels like Goodlife, Alveran or Lifeforce pounded out one after the other. Tom Chapman

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