Tellurion – Tellurion


Tellurion – Tellurion (Own release)
It\’s funny how so many musicians keep on complaining about illegal downloads, which resulted in fewer opportunities of signing to labels. Luckily there are bands like Tellurion who just set their minds to writing an amazing album, regardless the circumstances. This is DIY in this day and age. If you have the will you can make it big! Maybe not in the sense of sales, but definitely in energy, songwriting and overall quality. Tellurion\’s self-­titled debut is all about modern grooving metal linking in with Pantera and Lamb Of God, but also uncut metalcore and superb Faith No More- like, crossover. You just cannot tell this band is only half a decade old and did not have a huge budget cranking out nine great tracks. The harsh vocals could use a bit more variety to really make the songs stand out, but without the shadow of a doubt that will be worked on for the near future. Keep an eye on these fellows! Martijn Welzen

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