Telekoma/ Bockwurschtbude – Split 7” (Contra)

Picture the scene. Young aspiring punk rocker Socke is just rising from his pit, on a Saturday morning, in a small town in Germany, nestled on the Polish border. He’s got an appointment down the bus stop with his mates Beppo and Stinker, to listen to music, shout insults at passers-by and drink a shitload of beer. Socke has got the beer, Beppo the stereo and Stinker is bringing the tape. Last week he brought Die Toten Hosen which they had a good pogo to as they got wasted.

Fast forward fifteen minutes and the three punkers meet up at the bus stop. Stinker looks a bit embarrassed; he lost the Toten Hosen tape on the way home last week! But as luck would have it, he bumped into a famous punk dude called Ecke who gave him a tape to pass onto his brother Olaf. Now Olaf was one of the original punks from the town, legend has it he saw Schleim-Keim back in the day and went to most of the Schlachtrufe tours. So, beers cracked open, and Beppo shoves the tape into the stereo and hits play. It’s an advanced copy of the new split EP between local heroes Telekoma and Bockwurschtbude.

Fuck, this is amazing! The three look wide-eyed at each other, shake up the beers and spray each other with foam as they start to bounce round the bus stop. It’s a lot wilder than the stuff they are used to, so they start to call it “pogo punk”. A minute later they hear some boots on the ground, and looking up, they see Olaf and he looks pissed. Oi Stinker, what the fuck are you doing with my tape?! Stinker looks sheepish once again, and hands Olaf a beer as he mumbles an apology. Olaf snatches the beer, downs it in one and lets a burp rip. Stinker passes him another beer as he takes the tape out of the player. No shouts Olaf – put the fucker back in the stereo and hit play again. Boys, here is your first lesson in the world of Deutschpunk!

No need for any of that metal or hardcore or any shit like that – this is punk rock pure, designed for beer drinking and hell raising. By now the lads have had a few beers, and the tape has been played non-stop and the lads are grinning from ear to ear. After one last bottle Olaf pulls the tape out of the stereo and heads off to his own party. Our three heroes stumble home, arm in arm as they shout the lyrics at passers-by, scaring the living daylights out of them. Socke, Beppo and Stinker’s lives have been changed for the better happy in the knowledge that with this new release from Telekoma and Bockwurschtbude – Deutschpunk is alive and kicking. Tom Chapman

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