Fléau – S/T 7” (Pressure / Contra Records / Red Scare Industries)

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Lyon, France may not yet be on your radar when it comes to brutal oi! but with this debut release from Fléau things are about to change. Often bands need a good album or two to stake their claim but these bruisers achieve that in less than ten minutes of your time. Treading a path pioneered by bands like The Templars/ Les Templiers (lyrically) or Hard Times (musically), Fléau combine primitive punk and hardcore with raging fury.

If you’re looking for something spiritually uplifting then I advise you look elsewhere, as the songs on here deal with suffering, affliction, nightmares and punishment. Not a bad score for a four song EP! The production is crisp and loud, and musically it is absolutely rock solid so if you are a fan of hard-as-nails oi! then do your best to get your hands on this little slab of violence. Tom Chapman

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