Teenage Bottlerocket – Get Rad! (Fat Wreck)

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Given that the band is celebrating something like 20 years of writing tunes you could be excused for thinking they might have started growing up and adapted their name to Bottlerocket, but one listen to this new album tells you that thankfully the teen spirit is still alive and kicking. Although I have dipped my toes into a bit of Teenage Bottlerocket now and again over the years, it was really the Lillingtons connection (Kody Templeman plays in both bands) that encouraged me to dig deeper and I\’m glad I did. After all, albums piled high with two-minute pop-punk anthems with nods here and there to Ramones and Screeching Weasel – what\’s not to like?! But as with all the other great bands from any genre, Teenage Bottlerocket manage to take what might seem like a standard formula, and add their own magic and make that sound their own. The band suffered a tragic loss a few years back with the death of their drummer Brandon and his brother Ray sings an emotional tribute in Little Kid. The album is like life – at times light-hearted, sometimes downright ridiculous but then it can also be deep and introspective. However whatever the emotional weather, Teenage Bottlerocket have got a catchy tune to suit all and this is one of those albums that just hits all the right spots. Tom Chapman

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