Techno Animal – The Brotherhood Of The Bomb (Reissue) (Relapse)

Techno Animal offers up some heavy heavy dub meets hip-hop, but with jaw-dropping bass and white noise that keeps the sound haunting and uncertain. This is a reissue of Techno Animal’s album that was originally released in 2001. If the likes of Jay-Z or Nas were the tip of the hip-hop iceberg at the time, Techno Animal was bubbling well beneath the surface with this menacing sound.

Some of the songs are heavy, almost industrial-sounding instrumentals whereas other tracks feature a wide range of guest vocalists. When you see that Techno Animal is a duo comprised of Kevin Martin (God) and Justin Broadrick (God, Godflesh) then you can understand the dark nature of the sound but also the ability that these guys have to step into the unknown and push musical boundaries. For fans of heavy dub, Godflesh, Ministry, Consolidated or Atari Teenage Riot, this is definitely worth investigating. Tom Chapman

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