Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden (TLUF)/ Last Light – Compilation Of Unity 7″ (Unity Worldwide)

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Out of an international friendship spanning decades, a new label was born. Unity Worldwide is a collaboration across countries and continents, celebrating hardcore for what it is. Here we have their first release, featuring one of the brightest stars of the German hardcore scene on the one hand, and a new name from California that looks set to explode. TLUF have already proved their worth with their exceptionally good debut album and these new songs build on that legacy. Tough hardcore seething with anger but with clever melodic passages that add a depth to their sound that not many bands can compete with. Flip this over and we can here the first tunes committed to vinyl from Last Light. Okay, they feature members/ ex-members of Unity, Uniform Choice, Ignite, Outspoken, Speak 714 and a thousand more – that should have got your attention! Even without the name-dropping though, these songs are perfect examples of how melodic uptempo hardcore should be done. Ignite is a great starting point as vocalist Jae Hansel has a similar range and power to Zoli Teglas. I’ve probably played these tunes back to back ten or so times this morning and I’m still not bored of them. The icing on the cake and logical conclusion of this collaboration comes in the track What We Have, featuring vocals from both bands. Unity Worldwide indeed. Tom Chapman

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