Tales From the Lake: Volume 3 – Edited by Monique Snyman (Crystal Lake Publishing)


Every time I write a review for a Crystal Lake book I feel like the world’s biggest butt kisser. I mean, how many times and how many ways can I say it’s a great book with great editing and great cover art? I should probably create a Mad Libs style review form so I can just fill in the book’s title and its writer’s or editor’s name.

Joe Mynhardt has never signed a bad writer and has never released a bad book. Tales From the Lake; Volume 3 just proves my point. In what has to be the biggest winning streak in publishing history, Crystal Lake Publishing gives us yet another amazing tome filled with stories from some of the greatest writers around the globe. Some names you may recognize and others will be new but they will all shock and delight your senses. If you’re not deliriously happy with this book…just wait for the nightmares to begin…Mwahahahahahahaha. Jim Dodge



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