System Reset – Epidemic (Self)

Much like rust, legendary South Wales Hardcore lunatic Sir Darrel of Sutton never sleeps. Or if he does, he somehow manages to catch forty winks between going to shows, playing in Trigger McPoopshute and his new outfit, System Reset. Musically, System Reset strut drunkenly through the pit happy, blood soaked, smashed pint glass and cigarette butt filled wasteland that exists between The Business and Wildcard era Pennywise with an early Peter and the Test Tube Babies swagger and a whole load of punk rock attitude.  They’re not going to change the world, they’re not trying to reinvent the wheel and they almost certainly won’t start you down the road to self-discovery, but System Reset do know how to knock out a bloody good tune or two and their punk-rock-o-meter is permanently stuck in the red zone, which at the end of the day is all that matters when you want to have a jolly fine old time. Hide your booze and drugs from Sutton and his cohorts and put your dancing shoes on, it’s time to hit the Reset button…  Tim Cundle

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