The Shape of Elvira #1 – David Avallone, Fran Strukan, Maxim Simic & Taylor Esposito (Dynamite)

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Emerging from the mist shrouded Hollywood Hills as the nineteen eighties began to kick into high gear, the last of the legendary Horror Hosts Elvira is, for want of a better word, an icon. Instantly recognisable and adored by legions of fans the world over, the trend setting (as long as you like, and look good in, black – which she does) Queen of the Night Time World has found fame and infamy, thanks to her on screen and non-screen roles, in equal measure among those of us who are predisposed toward all things dark and spooky. When Elvira speaks, we listen and when she appears in a new comic, we barrel straight down to the comic book shop. Which means that right about now, there’ll be a legion of dark clad monster kids, punk rockers and goths falling over themselves to be the first through the door of their local indie emporium to get their hands on The Shape of Elvira.

As you’ve probably gathered from the title, The Shape of Elvira toys, and has a whole lot of fun, with Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar winning The Shape of Water. Re-imagining Del Toro’s film as a monster laden b-movie , David Avallone’s story sees Elvira cast as the star of the latest film directed by en-vogue Hollywood auteur, Billy Bullworth. Packed full of kooky, slightly risqué, innuendo laden humour, this first issue introduces our heroine to her fellow cast members, the writer, director and her mysterious, leading man. Fran Strukan’s smooth, confident art captures the bawdy spirit and energy of Elvira perfectly, while Avallone’s snappy, gag laden story incorporates and lovingly plays with all manner of classic horror and monster movie stereotypes. Funny, fast and offbeat, The Shape of Elvira ensures that the horror hostess with the mostest remains firmly where she belongs, right at the top of Haunted Hill. The Mistress will see you now… Tim Cundle

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