Supersuckers – Suck It (Acetate Records / Reptilian Records)

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I once saw Eddie Spaghetti eat spaghetti. True story, that. I had the privilege of supporting the Supersuckers at TJ’s in Newport in 1990-something. Fast forward to what is now their 30th year and the self-proclaimed “Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Band in the World” are back with a brand spanking new LP. When a new album lands I always ask the same question: which Supersuckers are gonna turn up? Will it be the hard rockin’ beer swilling rockers or the bourbon supping country gunslingers. Well, here it’s a neat measure of the two.

Now trimmed down to a three piece, Supersuckers draw more than ever on that Mötorhead influence for studio album number 12 (side note: Phil Campbell was also at that TJ’s show handing out cans of Strongbow). “Do it live” is the shout that precedes the opening riff on All of the Time. If anyone’s thinking that the Tuscon trio have mellowed with age, then fear not. Everything is as is. Just see Breaking My Balls for that Lemmy inspiration. Even the “slower” cuts hit you hard between the eyes, like on the cowbell driven Dead Inside, the more laidback The Worst Thing Ever and the country shuffle of Cold Wet Wind.

Now, if you thought The Wildhearts has secured the biggest namecheck ditty in all of rock ‘n’ roll with 29 x The Pain, then think again. The History of Rock ‘N’ Roll is a massive roll call of musical awesomeness. Deep breath… Rocket From The Crypt, New Bomb Turks, Zen Guerrilla, The BellRays, Danko Jones, The Didjits, Dwarves, and… PHEW! Straight-up punk rockers can rejoice at What’s Up (with this Motherfucking Thing?), fans of Georgia Satellites can clap along to Private Parking Lot and no-one can argue that (I’m Gonna Choke Myself and Masturbate) ‘Til I Die is the song title of the year.

It’s well known that Eddie and co. love a cover or two. The last two albums boasted takes on Hank Williams Jr’s All My Rowdy Friends and (surprisingly) Rock On by Gary Glitter, respectively. Here, Suck It closes with ZZ Top’s Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, and Jesse Dayton is in tow. It’s a fitting closer given the spirit of the LP. In short, these are 10 tracks of shit-kicking rock ‘n’ roll. Supersuckers are still here and still doing it. Not even illnesses can stop the rock ‘n’ roll train. As always, the Supersuckers are super and don’t suck, motherfuckers. Ginge Knievil

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