Suicide Watch – Thrashing Like its 1986 (Mosh Tuneage)

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I remember 1986.  It was a pretty good year. Metallica released their magnum opus, and last great record, Master of Puppets, Slayer unveiled what is arguably the definitive thrash album Reign in Blood, Anthrax had embarked on their quest for mosh domination after unleashing Spreading the Disease on the world and Megadeth were busy selling Peace to ready and willing hordes of thrashing maniacs everywhere.  Yeah, 1986 was a good year, after all it was the year that, thanks mainly to the “Big Four”, thrash metal exploded and went global. And Suicide Watch, with their patented brand of vicious, technical, addictive thrash that dwells somewhere in the middle ground between Vio-lence, Game Over era Nuclear Assault and The Accused circa Martha’s Maddest Stories Ever Told have, on Thrashing Like it’s 1986, perfectly captured the spirt, intensity and energy of the year that thrash arrived. Drop whatever it is you’re doing and forget everything else, it’s thrashing time…  Tim Cundle

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