Suffocation – …Of the Dark Light (Nuclear Blast)


Suffocation is still one of the best death metal bands out there. People will state the obvious, and compare this album to previous recordings, but push all that aside and actually take the time to listen to the content before judging it.  …Of The Dark Light is a solid hard hitting record that exercises precision musicianship and rigidly embraces the old school death metal feel. Rhythmic time changes, and structurally sound arrangements are what keep Suffocation brutal, even guttural, but without becoming the wall of noise so many of their contemporaries morph into. Opening track Clarity Through Deprivation relentlessly embeds its deep message with a potent vocal line that’s simple but effective and cruelly honest. The likes of The Violation and Caught Between Two Worlds serve up enough carnage and viscera that they can’t help but add to the making of a modern death metal classic. Once again Suffocation ensures that death comes ripping… Mark Freebase

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