Subhumans – Crisis Point (Pirates Press Records)

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Overall, this album is a both great thing and yet a sad event wrapped in an unrelenting punk rock package. The world is headed on a downward spiral at an ever increasing speed, and until that changes, Dick Lucas and his Subhumans have no choice but to continue being the voice of the voiceless, rallying against the corrupt and destructive environment we live in. As a result, any of their releases from 1981 right through to Crisis Point remain as important and relevant as they were since they came out.

Obviously given the longevity of the band, they have travelled the world spreading their message and you can hear some international touches in their anarcho sound. At times there are tinges of MDC or even Minor Threat when they kick the tempo up a notch, spitting out vitriol and disdain for the mass media, ruling classes and the environmental destruction going on around us.

As always Subhumans music is bouncing and uplifting, fresh and diverse. Remember when bands like False Prophets or Nomeansno or The Ex played around with song structures, liberally sprinkling riff after riff, breaks and tempo changes into their sound – well Subhumans have always excelled at this and Crisis Point is no exception. I’ve always been a fan of Dick Lucas’ work, from Citizen Fish to Culture Shock to his written word, and this new Subhumans album is a flawless addition to the collection. Tom Chapman

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