Stubborn Will \’Contempt\’ Video Premiere…

Stubborn Will are a powerful new melodic hardcore band smashing their way out of the deep forests around Spokane, Washington, USA.

Formed in 2019 and drawing influences from melodic hardcore and new wave punk, they\’ve created a musical hybrid that incorporates the aggressive/poetic energy of hardcore, while keeping the in your face tone of punk.

Stubborn Will is very keen on spreading a message of resilience towards life\’s unpredictable, and ruthless way of tearing you down. The band are all long time friends who\’ve been playing shows together in different bands for some years

Contempt is Stubborn Will’s first single that\’s taken from their upcoming five track CDEP of the same name that is due to be released on Engineer Recs this autumn

Contempt is a song of shame. A song that describes being in the midst of total, and complete, boundless love, and knowing you\’ve hurt that love. The song explores the emotion of contempt of oneself, for hurting the person you value most and has been intentionally written to transfer over to various life circumstances in which one can relate to and pull meaning from. 

Contempt LYRICS 

Is it too late for me

To pick up the pace

Show you the face that I’ve hid for so long

Accept me

And all my mistakes

I’ll never be perfect but I’ll learn to embrace

All the grace that you’ve graciously have placed in my two hands

I could never meet demands

But you’ll love me where I am

I can’t forgive who I’ve been

Looking up

Screaming out

How can you love me now

Swallowed by my selfishness 

The guilt has run me down

Am I forgiven

For the sins that I’ve admitted 

You’ll show me love and I’ll show you how

Contrite will shut forgiveness out

Stubborn Will is: 

Alek Browning: Guitar/vocals 

Ashton Adams: Drums 

Cade Brown: Bass 

Catch up with Stubborn Will on Facebook and Instagram

Video credit: Riker Morrow

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