Harlem’s Super Hero Returns In Luke Cage: City Of Fire…


Change is coming — and it starts here.This October, Marvel brings readers a new hard-hitting story, LUKE CAGE: CITY OF FIRE. The three-issue series explores the role Luke Cage has grown into in Harlem and the broader Marvel Universe.

In the new series, a shadowy rogue group named the Regulators are terrorizing ordinary citizens in New York City, and Luke Cage is called to action when a Black man in his community is murdered by a crooked police officer. Cage quickly crosses paths with Daredevil, who is determined to bring down the Regulators no matter the cost, but Mayor Fisk is equally determined to use them to tighten his grip on the city. There is unrest in the streets, and it’s up to Cage to keep the city from going up in flames.

Joined by an exciting lineup of artists including Farid Karami on #1, Ray-Anthony Height on #2, and Sean Damien Hill on #3, celebrated creator Ho Che Anderson (King: A Comics Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Scream Queen) makes his Marvel debut with an ambitious story that will significantly impact Luke Cage’s role within the Marvel Universe forever.

\”I can\’t express how excited I am to be doing a project with Marvel, and about the level of talent they\’ve lined up to work on it with me,” said Anderson. “I have been given the freedom to explore a subject I\’m so passionate about through the lens of characters I\’ve loved since I was a kid, and I fully intend to work overtime to make sure the results are worthy of the trust I\’ve been granted. Fortunately, the heavy lifting will be accomplished by my incredible collaborators who\’ll make me look better than I am!\”

The next chapter of Luke Cage begins in LUKE CAGE: CITY OF FIRE!

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